The K'zata

The Spung Flagship K'zata

This was the first Spung Killcruiser encountered by the crew of the Christa. The K'zata is the flagship of the Spung Empire and is under Warlord Shank's command. Unlike other Killcruisers, the K'zata is much larger, she has been painted black and she can fire multiple torpedos at a time. The design of the K'zata is slightly different from that of typical Killcruisers. The K'zata has a more angular body type with shorter engine nozzles.

The K'zata was destroyed when Warlord Shank attempted to seize the sister ship of the Christa. Because the K'zata encountered the Christa before and believeing the ship to be defenseless, Warlord Shank tried to seize the sister ship. Not knowing this "Christa" was manned by Lumanians, a battle ensued which resulted in the K'zata's ultimate destruction, but not before the K'zata disabled and heavily damaged the sister ship. Warlord Shank and his daughter, Elmira, were able to escape from the K'zata before her destruction and they boarded the sister ship. A short time later, Warlord Shank captured some of the Christa's crew on the Christa's sister ship where he commented, " When we first encountered this ship, it turned and ran. We thought you were weaponless, and yet this time we met, you destroyed my beautiful Killcruiser with weapons the likes of which I have never seen before."


In the episode "Spung at Heart" the K'zata is painted black, yet in the episode "On the Road to Find Out" the K'zata's debris is green.

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