The Hil People


Hil People
Known Affiliations
Played By
Jo De Paul (shaman), unknown others

The Hil People are a peace-loving but primitive people native to the world The Christa crash-lands upon in Season 2


The Hil People are a small, gold-skinned and short race.


They dwell in caves on the unnamed planet the crew finds themselves stranded on in the second season. Their dress and decor is reminiscent of ancient Egypt. The Hil have passed down traditional stories, explaining their position in the world, and what is foretold for the future.

In "King of the Hil", they mistake Harlan Band for their mythical savior-king Colossal. They are perpetually afraid of a monster they call "Raruru" who turns out to be Savano. Through Harlan's aid, the Hil People and Savano eventually make peace and become friends.

They have limited technology, using nets and pointed weapons.


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