The Haunted Corridor

The Haunted Corridor is the setting for the unproduced Space Cases episode titled " Same old, same old ". The Haunted Corridor is located one deck below the Christa's engine level. Many electrical glitches oringate on this deck and when investgated the glitches will either disappear or the tracking equipment will loose it's lock on the glitch. It was on this deck that Commander Goddard decided to relieve the crew of their boredom. Goddard inlisted Davenport and Rosie to help him scare the rest of the crew in a little practical joke he came up with. The corridor looks like any other corridor on the Christa, the only noticible difference is it is poorly lit. There is one room mentioned in the script that the commander modified to resemble either a torn up Team Room or a destroyed Star Academy classroom lit by red lights. Certian areas in the Haunted Corridor have light mist flowing through it. The end of the script reveals that the Haunted Corridor is indeed haunted by ghosts of some kind.

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