Christa galley

The main table of the galley

The galley is the kitchen and dining room of the Christa. It is on the 6th level of the ship, on the forward starboard side.

There is a large eight-paneled "peacock table" in the center of the room. it contains holes to place plates on each level. The levels, ranging from red to purple in hue, slide to form one large stack when not in use.

Tech foodwheel

Radu gets a tube from the food wheel.

The food wheel is a contraption that the members of the Christa get food from. One spins the triangle in the middle of the wheel to point to a path that leads to a hole on the outside of the wheel. Through the hole comes a plastic tube containing dehydrated food that rehydrates to a meal. Sometimes the food wheel delivers food that may suit one member of the crew better than another; in other cases (or perhaps universes) it is spot-on, like when it gives a half-Spung Commander Goddard worms to eat.

There is a sink for washing dishes that retracts into the wall. There are also shelves for food items, nooks in the walls for plates and silverware, and a micro-processor.


The Infocore: Galley

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