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Saturnians inhabit Saturn .


Saturnians are humanoid aliens who reside on Titan, one of Saturn's moons. Catalina is the only Saturnian we have seen, so it can be assumed that the entire race has rainbow patterned hair, resembling rings.

Saturnians have the ability to produce sonic blasts through their vocal chords, resulting in a rippling wave of sonic energy. This energy can knock enemies down, cause objects to move, disrupt mechanical components or signals, or even level a building. The sonic blasts, though inherent to the race, do require exercise to maintain strength.

Saturnians rarely dream. Why is unknown. Catalina is surprised at her dream at the beginning of The Impossible Dram.

Culture and HistoryEdit

Saturnians have a celebration known as "The Rejoicing Festival" in which they spend a week dancing and ringing little bells to celebrate life. Catalina calls it "The most exhausting celebration in the universe." "Who Goes Where"

Saturnian CharactersEdit