Chara pezu

Known Affiliations
Played By

Pezu is an intelligent computer program encountered by the crew near the end of Season 2.


Pezu is the artificial intelligence of a derelict space station that was depopulated following an attack by the Spung. Intensely lonely, Pezu sends out a distress call that eventually summons The Christa. She then forces Suzee to remain and be her friend by kidnapping members of the crew and infecting T.H.E.L.M.A. with a computer virus in "A Friend In Need". Eventually Suzee convinces Pezu that if she were really a friend, she would help out Suzee and the others, and ultimately saves them from Warlord Shank. She was last seen "playing" with the Spung warlord and his entourage following the escape of the crew of The Christa.


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