Christa medlab

An overhead view of the MedLab

Tech macroscanner

Rosie uses the macroscanner

Tech microscanner

Rosie holds the microscanner

The Medlab is the medical center of the Christa. It is located on the second level on the forward port side.

The MedLab's walls are a sterile white color as compared to the rather purple walls of the rest of the ship. It contains a recliner for patients, as well as several smaller seats. There are devices to check the crew for ailments such at the macroscanner and the microscanner. The macroscanner checks for larger problems among the body's systems, while the microscanner detects any problems with neurological functions. It also contains many shelves of medicine.

The healing chamber is also in the MedLab. The chamber allows the ship to use healing and even morphing capabilites to help the person inside heal from serious injury. Commander Goddard spent a span of five episodes in the healing chamber after he gets crushed by the ship in "Homeward Bound".


The Infocore: MedLab

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