Chara ma

Unknown Parasite
Known Affiliations
Played By

The crew encounters this frightening entity in the later part of Season 2


The Christa encounters the organism known as "Ma" in a seeming "junkyard" area of space occupied by abandoned ships broadcasting distress signals, some of which are over a century old. "Ma" is a powerful energy-organism that uses mind-control techniques to subdue and pacify its victims, including the crew of The Christa; only Radu seems unaffected, possibly due to his lack of parental care in childhood. It induces infantile behavior in its victims and grants them whatever they wish for, casting itself in a mother-role and virtually "killing with kindness" while it drains ships and their crews of their energy to feed itself.


Her violent outbursts drain Ma's energy. To survive over many years in remote space, Ma must be efficient and frugal with her energy, potentially making escape easier.

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