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The first officer of the Christa's Sister Ship.


The Lumianians are a humanoid race from outside the Sol System . They have enlarged heads, and bird-like features.

Culture and HistoryEdit

Little is known of the Lumanian culture.

The Lumanians either built the Christa (according to Thelma in "The Sporting Kind" ), or gained posession and intimate knowledge of the engineering, control, and capabilities of Christa-like spacecraft. Regardless, they are technologically advanced and intelligent beings. They also created the miniaturizing device that allowed Spung hunter Amirge to shrink Harlan and Miss Davenport down to a few inches tall.

Lumanians are at least capable of understanding or expressing laughter, vengeance, disappointment, irony, and spacedog-style military order. They seem preoccupied with documenting their experiences and history, having required Thelma to secretly and unknowingly document ship occurances, and one individual having spent potentially-last moments leaving a message to nobody on a ship programmed to self-destruct. Having possibly sent The Christa to it's future crew, they may be curious enough to create a complex experiment to gauge how other races react and interact.

They speak the same language as the Space Cases, potentially to each other, or when they expect their communications to last or be intercepted by other races.

Notable MembersEdit

An unnamed Lumanian was First Officer of a sister-ship to the Christa.