The Spung Killcruiser is the main warship class of the Spung Empire. With the smallest at roughly 5 times the size of the Chirsta, Killcruisers are the largest ships encountered by the crew of the Christa. Killcrusiers are hyperspace capable and utilize different types of torpedos such as fragmentation and concussion. In order to fire the torpedos, the Killcruisers must charge them. As the torpedos travel along the launch tubes, ions are collected in intake rings on the underside of the ship and beginning at the tip of the tail the torpedos are supercharged as they pass over the intake rings. Fragmentation and concussion torpedos both glow green from the charging process. Killcruisers can (and have) reroute energy from their shields to the hyperdrive to increase their speed, although their shield efficiency suffers greatly. Killcruisers can easily overpower smaller vessels. Due to their large size, Killcruisers can be easily out maneuvered. Using a few quick maneuvers, the Christa was able to evade 3 Killcuisers and have them destroy each other.

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