Chara eatymaxi

Creature (unknown origin)
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Eaty is a creature discovered while collecting mineral samples on The Christa.


Eaty is discovered by the crew in "All You Can Eaty" while using a vacuum to collect mineral specimens from an alien world. It begins as a small, furry and cute creature, which prompts the students to keep it as a pet and conceal it from the adults. It immediately has a voracious appetite (hence the name "Eaty"), eating everything it can reach; it eventually consumes their food stores and parts of the ship. It soon grows to an enormous size and becomes a serious threat. The crew decides to use the vacuum set in reverse to send Eaty to an over-vegitated moon called Scarfula, over eight hours travel distance from Eaty's original home.


Chara eatymini

The Eaty before growing

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