Deutronium is a element that is often used to aid the powering of spaceships.

It can be found as a naturally-occurring ore on several planets throughout the galaxy, including Pruplanis and Kareesh 9. It is shaped like a tetrahedron and is transparent. It is an excellent conductor of electricity.

Deutronium is used in part to power the Christa's engines. In "Truth Hurts", Suzee learns that the engine's crystal made of deutronium prismatic ore is cracked, making the ship unable to get off the planet.

References Edit

Deutronium was also used by the Jupiter 2 in the series Lost in Space to power the ship's engines. It is also referenced in the Star Trek novel Triangle: Imzadi 2 as a source of energy for weapons.

This element may be in reference to Deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen. Deuterium glows a red-pink color when ionized in a fusor, which the ship's reactor core does in Season 1. However, it is often referenced as a solid ore to be mined.

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