Christa compost

The Command Post in Season One

Christa compost2

The Command Post, S2 in "Mother Knows Best"

The Command Post is at the heart of monitoring operations in the Christa.

The Christa's Command Post is often called the "Compost" by Harlan and the rest of the students on the crew, much to the chagrin of Commander Goddard. ("Space hates smart alecks.")

The Command Post is one of the parts of the Christa that is modified most often. Both the crew and the ship herself can change and move things, and so the main control room goes through many versions between the two seasons. In the first season alone the Helm goes through three visible changes in color and controls. Between Season One and Season Two the Compost changes drastically, separating the panels


The HelmEdit

Compost helm

The Helm, S1 Ver.1

The Helm is manned by Harlan with help from Commander Goddard at times. Steering of the ship is controlled from this main hub in the center of the room. Its controls are originally crystals but later in Season One they are changed to levers, and more modifications in Season Two change the steering system to a wheel.


Compost engineering

Engineering, S1

Catalina sits at the Engineering controls for the first season, while Suzee replaces her in the second. This panel monitors the engines as well as places related such as the Power Junction. The panel has circular crystals that allow control of the engine's power and operation.


Compost navigation

Navigation, S1

Radu operates the Navigation controls, seeing as Andromedans  have a natural sense of direction. The panel itself is divided into quadrants of four colors. The navigator works closely with the helmsman to ensure the correct path of travel for the ship; the rivalry between Harlan and Radu in the beginning of the series caused problems when Harlan would second-guess Radu on his calculations.


Compost scanning

Scanning, S1 Ver.1

Rosie works the Scanning panel of the Christa. Originally just buttons, this panel soon evolved and became equipped with a rotating center piece to perhaps scan and change frequencies of transmissions. This panel can also be used to communicate with the information in the ship's computers; young Davenport was able to change settings from this post in "Forever Young". Miss Davenport is sometimes seen backing Rosie up at this post.


Compost tactical

Tactical, S1

The Tactical post is operated by Bova. It controls the shielding of the ship. There are seven levels of shielding; the crystals on the panel drop from purple lights (fully protected) to white (50%) to red (unprotected).