Space Cases features many humanoid and alien races.

In the Sol System there are a handful of humanoid races. Humans are the native inhabitants, while the other races stem from Rigelians that arrived in the late 21st century. The Andromedans also have some occupancy in the Sol System. There are a variety of races that are encountered by the crew deeper into space. The majority appear more alien; for example, the Spung and Lumanians.


Racial tension is common in Space Cases. The war between the UPP and the Spung created hostilities not only towards the Spung but misunderstandings towards the Andromedans, who were enslaved by the Spung to fight the war. Harlan in particular must learn to trust the only Andromedan on board, Radu. Harlan's father was killed in the war by Andromedans, and so his hatred runs deep. Another of the war's effects is that Radu is terrified of the Spung; the only one that he has managed to trust is Elmira.

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