"All You Can Eaty"


Prod. Number
No information
Written By
Kevin Kopelow & Heath Seifert
Directed By
Jeff Blyth

Plot SummaryEdit



Danny Tamberelli and Michelle Trachtenburg are a well-known duo from Nickelodeon, having been seen together previously on The Adventures of Pete & Pete.


This episode departs stylistically from typical Space Cases episodes due to the increasingly heavy influence or interference of Nickelodeon in the show's production during the second season; Peter David and Bill Mumy purportedly had minimal involvement in this episode. "All You Can Eaty" relies more heavily on slapstic and bodily-function jokes, and Miss Davenport is portrayed as more petty and unsympathetic than previously. Many fans consider her role in this episode to be distinctly out-of-character[1].

The episode skews to a younger audience, with the cuddly and simple danger of Eaty, ideal ending, and prank-based plot. Tamberelli and Trachtenberg lend additional star-power, perhaps in a bid to boost ratings, but further reduce anticipated audience maturity as child stars independent of the Adventures of Pete and Pete writing.

Notable Guest StarsEdit

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