"A Day in the Life"


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Plot SummaryEdit

The episode opens with Commander Goddard and Miss Davenport arguing over where the kids should be - the Command Post or the classroom. Catalina suggests they use a schedule and Miss Davenport implements a standard Stardogs ship schedule and instructs Thelma to keep the crew on schedule as a "tip-top priority" - a suggestion which Thelma takes bluntly and literally.

The Christa enters Ferna Hernan space unbenknownst to the crew, and Ferna Hernan sentries Jin and Pel argue whether or not to simply blow them up first and ultimately send a warning message to the Christa to identify and explain their intrusion into Ferna Herna territory within three hours or be destroyed. Thelma receives the message and her many attempts at telling the crew are thwarted by both the tight schedule and Catalina's constant sonic practicing.

Catalina's sonic practicing eventually results in her losing her voice while Miss Davenport assigns the students to keep journals of their daily activities in order to determine what career they would best fit.

Three hours passes and the Ferna Herna, receiving no reply, fire two missiles at the Christa. The first two missiles are blocked as Bova discovers the shield controls at the last minute. Thelma informs Catalina of the message sent earlier and the situation with the Ferna Herna. She desperately tries to inform the rest of the crew, ultimately resorting to charades. They send an apologetic message to the Ferna Herna, who forgive them but regretfully inform them that they'd already sent more missiles of greater strength and hope there are no hard feelings.

Catalina regains her voice at the opportune moment to use her sonic powers to throw the missiles off-course and save the Christa. The episode closes with Harlan and Catalina both dictating their daily journal entries, declaring themselves to be the savior of the day.


The name of this episode is taken from the Beatles song of the same title.


Notable Guest StarsEdit

Bill Mumy as Jin and Mark Hamill as Pel

Links Edit

Episode transcript at The Space Cases Picture Gallery

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